Terms & Conditions for award of Edsecure Educational Scholarship



1.           Such students who have pursued courses from the Institute and are declared successful in the competitive examinations for admission into B.E., B.Tech., M.B.B.S., Fashion Designing M.B.A. and other courses from the government institutions of national repute shall be entitled for award of scholarships by Edsecure Services Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Institute”), which would include tuition fees and/or hostel fees and/or miscellaneous fees and/or any other mandatory academic fees applicable as per the structure of the courses and as may be decided by the Institute and would exclude all other direct and indirect charges and taxes applicable, which do not form part of the tuition fees and other charges imposed for compulsory academic purposes connected with the course, in question.

2.           The students desirous to qualify and take admission in the courses would be shortlisted by  Edsecure Services Pvt. Ltd. for its Scholarship Programme after their in particular course after in accordance with the procedure as may be prescribed by the Institute.

3.           If a student who has enrolled for a particular course and paid the prescribed fees and is shortlisted for scholarship he/she would be eligible for the award of scholarship in accordance with the terms and conditions mentioned herein.

4.           The amount of Scholarship would be quantified on the basis of fees and other academic charges as may be applicable at the time of admission. If there is an increase in the tuition fees or any fees  by the IIT and/or the other  Institution Management as per the list of Edsecure, the increased amount will not be eligible for part of the scholarship. The scholarship amount will remain the same as it was at the time of admission.

5.           Payment under the Scholarship programme shall be made/disbursed twice a year at the beginning of each semester as per the schedule of the University/College/ Institution prescribed in the said respect.

6.           Any concealment/ misrepresentation of any relevant information or contravention of any terms and conditions laid down by the Institute may lead to cancellation of the scholarship and appropriate legal action may also be initiated to recover any amount paid towards scholarship in favour of the student, in question.

7.           The student/applicant must not accept any other form of publicly-funded award during the terms of the scholarship and should not normally accept additional scholarships for the purposes already covered by The Edsecure Services.

8.           The student/applicant must disclose on his/her application form whether he/she has applied, or intends to apply, for any other scholarships or awards.

9.           Where the student/applicant is considering applying for or is offered additional scholarship after or her selection, he/she must disclose the same to the Institute within a period of 10 days from the date of consideration or offer of scholarship as may be awarded.

10.         The student/applicant may retain scholarship or other benefits not specifically covered by his/her Edsecure Services Scholarship.

11.         The right is reserved to abate The Edsecure Services Scholarships/Stipends in instances where the student/applicant may be a beneficiary of other significant awards, prizes or earned income, which provides adequate financial security to the student.

12.         The student/applicant is not barred from taking part-time employment while pursuing the course but may be required to inform the Institute in writing regarding the same.

13.         The candidate(s) from whom replies are not received within 40 days of the result declaration signifying their willingness for award of scholarship, in question shall not be considered for scholarship/stipend and the award will be given to the next eligible candidate(s) as per the merit list.

14.         The scholarship is open to Indian nationals only.

15.         Income certificate of either the father or the mother, issued by competent authority in the State/Union Territory, should be submitted.

16.         The Institute as a policy does not permit mid-term changes of courses, or university. Candidates are, therefore, advised to carefully opt for courses and universities, as any such change may disentitle him/her from being extended the benefits of the scholarship/stipend.

17.         Scholarship/Stipend will be paid after the deduction of requisite taxes, if any, applicable.

18.         Processing Charges and Goods & Service Taxes (GST) are to be paid by the candidate, as may be applicable.

19.         Other terms& conditions will be also applicable in the manner as and when Board of Director of the Institute may decide from time to time.


II.           Keeping the Contact Details Updated:

1.           The student/applicant must ensure that the Edsecure Services has his/her up to date contact details, including a postal address, updated contact details and email.

2.           The student/applicant must keep in touch with the Edsecure Services during the term of his/her scholarship and keep his/her programme officer informed if he/she:

              i)            Changes his/her address, even temporarily.

              ii)           Changes his/her mobile number.

              iii)          Suffers any injury, illness, loss, or damage to his/her person or property.

              iv)          Becomes/gets involved in any legal action (civil or criminal).

              v)           Is absent for more than a week at any one time from his/her place of study.


III.          The University and Course

              1.           The student/applicant must diligently pursue the course of studies agreed and conform to the rules of any in which you work or study.

              2.           It is expected that student/applicant will be dedicated towards studies and successfully pass the course in the first attempt. The Institute will not pay for any fees associated with resitting exams.

              3.           The student/applicant must not seek transfer to any other educational institution after having taking admission into a course in a given institutions entitling him/her for award of scholarship and payment of any amount under the scholarship programme having been made.

              4.           The student/applicant must not transfer to any other course of study than that confirmed in his/her final award letter without the express permission of his/her programme officer. Such requests must be made within a month of the commencement of the course and supported by exceptional circumstances. Requests made after this time will not be considered.

IV.         Social Media Usage

              1.           Edsecure Education has a range of social media platforms for scholars and alumni to interact with. We look forward to receiving their participation in discussions, and we encourage open, and lively debate. However, we do ask that our scholars, fellows, and alumni adhere to certain good practices and conventions of polite and constructive discourse. These terms of use are as follows:

              a)           The student/applicant may be required to write testimonials, interaction with other students, etc.

              b)           Sexual misconduct in any form is unacceptable and is taken very seriously. Sexual misconduct includes sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual abuse and any conduct of a sexual nature that is without consent, including conduct online or through social media.

              c)           Edsecure Education's Scholarship Awardees come from all walks of life, so the student/applicants have to be mindful of statements, comments, articles, or even jokes, which may have the potential of cause causing offence to your peers.

              The terms of use outlined below form part of the terms and conditions that the student/applicant has agreed to abide by when he/she accepted his/her Edsecure Services Scholarship /Stipend.


The Terms of Use (Social Media)

              1.           The student/applicant should not publish content that:

(I)          May be seen as abusive, obscene, indecent, or offensive. This includes:

              Publishing offensive or derogatory content relating to sex, gender, race, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, religion/beliefs, age, or any other such trait(s).

              Publishing content that is insulting, hateful, defamatory, threating, discriminatory, or pornographic.

              Behaving in a bullying, intimidating, or harassing manner towards other users, organisations, or page administrators.

(ii)          Contains or alludes to unlawful materials.

(iii)         Encourages anyone to act in contravention of the terms of their award.

(iv)         Constitutes spam or promotes or advertises products that have little relevance to the spirit and purpose of the group.

(v)          Associates  Edsecure Services with personal views or comments.

2.           Edsecure Services will determine whether content contravenes any of the above terms.

3.           Content that contravenes any of the above terms will be removed by the Edsecure Services from spaces that the Institute administers.

4.           We will not edit any of the student/applicant's comments. If he/she posts content that contravenes these guidelines, and we must remove it, we will contact him/her seeking explanations and asking for a show cause. Transgressors may face disciplinary action, which could range from an official warning to the revocation of his/her award.

5.           The Institute reserves the right to use content posted on different/any legitimate social media platform(s) by the student/candidate for marketing or promotional purposes. As a matter of principle, we will always attempt to contact the original poster to seek permission prior to using content from closed groups. We will regularly and spontaneously share our favourite and relevant content from awardees' social media feeds.

6.           Whilst the student/applicant are encouraged to add Edsecure Services to his/her online bios and profiles, he/she is not permitted to create an Edsecure Services group, page, profile, or website on any online platform. This extends to the use of the word 'Edsecure Services' or its derivatives in the name of any group, page, profile, domain, etc., and use of the logo. If the student/applicant wishes to use the Edsecure Services' name or branding in any other manner, he/she should contact his/her programme officer first for permission.

7.           If the student/applicant takes it upon himself/herself to administer an unofficial online group containing members of Edsecure Services community, he/she also assumes the responsibility for ensuring that the spirit of the Edsecure Services  programme is upheld in those spaces.

8.           We may at any time, and without notice to the student/applicant, revise this policy.

V.           Use of the Student/Applicant Data

1.            Edsecure Services will handle all information about students according to the data protection principles enshrined in the Indian Data Protection laws and specifically in accordance with our privacy policy.

2.           In submitting an application and accepting an Edsecure Services Scholarship, the student/applicant accepts that his/her data will be recorded and used by the Edsecure Services in the ways set out in these terms and conditions. For further information on the use of the student/applicant's data, he/she may refer to the Edsecure Services' privacy policy.

3.           In line with the privacy notice, Edsecure Services may use and share a student's details for purposes necessary for the administration of the Scholarship/Stipend.

4.            Edsecure Services may publish the names and basic details of candidates selected for awards/stipends in the exercise of its legitimate business interests and in accordance with the Edsecure Services privacy policy.

5.           In accepting the Edsecure Services Scholarship/Stipend the student/applicant agrees to provide Edsecure Services with a short biography and photograph that can be published as a way of demonstrating the quality of scholarship/stipend recipients. The student/applicant may request not to have his/her biography published.

6.           By accepting the Edsecure Services Scholarship/Stipend, the student/applicant consents to his/her details appearing in any Edsecure Services website/APP or Alumni directory on completion of his/her award unless he/she specifically requests for his/her name to be excluded from Edsecure Services website or Alumni directories for reasons to be recorded.


VI.         Duration of Scholarship

1.           The Edsecure Services Scholarship/Stipend is tenable for the original duration of the course only.

2.           The Edsecure Services Scholarships/Stipend will not be extended beyond the original duration prescribed the university or college and shall not extend to the extension of the duration of the course on account of failure on the part of the candidate to pass the examinations/tests in the first attempt for any reason whatsoever. No exceptions shall be admitted in this respect.

3.           Stipend payments will only be made for the duration of the student/applicant's course.

4.           The students selected in medical colleges as per the Institute's list will get scholarships/stipends on monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly/half yearly/annually for the duration of their course as may be decided at the time of commencement of the scholarship.

5.           Should the student/applicant choose to leave the course in between prior to the end date noted on his/her award letter, scholarship payment will stop on the date he/she leaves the course.


VII.        Deferral of Scholarship

1.           In no case the scholarship is transferrable or can be deferred. All other students/candidates selected for the Edsecure Services Scholarship who are unable to take up their award must normally withdraw from the programme and re-apply the following year.


VIII.       Termination of the Scholarship

 Edsecure Services, reserves the right to terminate the Scholarship/Stipend at any time, by immediate notice to the student/applicant in writing, in the event of:

1.           Misconduct, whether in connection with the student/applicant's study or otherwise.

2.           Failure to make such progress in his/her study as is considered satisfactory.

3.           Circumstances, such as illness, arising which, with the student's/applicant's university's agreement, would render it impossible for him/her to complete his/her course satisfactorily or prevent the purpose of the Scholarship from being fulfilled.

4.           Dismissal, for any reason, from his/her host university/Institution.

5.           Breach of any local Indian laws and practices.

7.           Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the University/ College/ Institution.

8.           Discovery of fraud committed by the student/candidate in furnishing information to the Institute.

9.           The student/applicant drops a semester.

10.         The student/applicant is found to have produced illegitimate, fake, or forged certificates or documents.

11.         The student/applicant fails to successfully clear any semester with passing marks.

12.         The student/applicant is terminated or rusticated from the institution on any ground whatsoever.

13.         The student/applicant is found guilty or is convicted in any acts of aggressive nature or violence.

14.         The student/applicant is found guilty of drug or psychotropic substances or their possession or use.

15.         The student/applicant leaves the course of study or and the institution mid-way before the scheduled completion of the said programme.

16.         The student/applicant changes or alters his/her stream of studies/course after taking admission in the said institution.

17.         In case of shutdown of the operations of  Edsecure Services due to any unforeseen circumstances, natural disaster or calamity, bankruptcy, or/and any act of God.


IX.          Repayment of Scholarship Funds

1.           In the event of such termination,  of the scholarship as aforesaid, the Edsecure Services Scholarship programme shall have no further obligation towards the student/applicant and he/she shall be bound to repay the amount that has been paid to him/her under the Scholarship, unless:

              a.           The termination is a result of the student's/applicant's ill health and this has been certified by a registered medical practitioner.

              b.           Edsecure Services may exercise its discretion to exempt a student/applicant from any of these conditions.


X.           Amendments

              1.            Edsecure Services reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and the current version can be found on the Edsecure Services website. Once an acceptance form has been signed, this confirms that the student/applicant agrees to these terms and conditions and is bound by them.


XI.          What happens if a student/applicant breaches a condition?

              1.           Failure to abide by any of these terms and conditions could result in suspension or withdrawal of Scholarship/Stipend; ejection from the programme and/or repayment of the award in full. If a student/applicant breaches a/any condition of his/her scholarship, the relevant part of the terms and conditions will explain what will happen next.

              2.           Any breach of your scholarship/stipend conditions will be treated seriously and any student, who thinks he/she has breached a condition should contact the company officer immediately to discuss the situation. Students are advised to take prompt action to resolve any misunderstanding that may arise as a result of a breach, accidental or otherwise.


XII.         Composite Terms and Conditions

              1.           The Fees is non-refundable.

              2.           The Fees will only be released after the confirmation of admission and the fees letter issued by the said institution.

              3.           Only one attempt is allowed for clearing the relevant Entrance Exam. For an extra attempt one must be a member of crash course.

              4.           The Fees will only be reimbursed for the institutions listed with  Edsecure Services.

              5.           The Fees will only be paid as per the income certificate shared with Edsecure Services.

All disputes of whatever nature if and when as may arise between  Edsecure Services and any second party or/and student(s) or/and applicant(s) or/and candidate(s) or/and any institution(s) are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only.