Like the real-world classrooms, a virtual classroom is a propelled answer for digitizing education which makes it accessible any time and at any location, wherein the teacher/instructor can associate with the students and the learners basically by the methods using technology, thereby, creating a classroom like set-up.

Similar to the real-world classroom, the Edsecure classroom is an advanced solution to digitize education which makes it available any time & at any location in the world, wherein the teacher can connect with students and participants virtually by the means of technology thus, creating a classroom-like environment. An Online classroom means a virtual classroom, creating a real classroom-like environment for learning with HD audio and video quality. It enables one-way and two-way communications through chat & discussion forums, online tests, assessments. edsecure online education software works in the same way for Institutions, Colleges, Schools, and Government Bodies and is appreciated by the same worldwide.

Edsecure provides online classes through zoom platform so that the attendance can be recorded along with the fact that www.edsecure.org is the platform for all virtual educational resources for schools whether it be assignments or tests. Moreover, as only registered users can login to the classes, it ensures the security and safety of the students.


  • View online assignments, class tests, online classes & study materials
  • Online & Offline Assessments on the app
  • Assessment through Video Assignments
  • View user progress in the assigned courses
  • View Assessment Scores and Reports
  • Receive App Specific notifications
  • View Announcements
  • Join Live Classrooms
  • Learning Center showing all current/past/future activities
  • Icon based intuitive navigation
  • Workflow Driven Processes for learning access
  • Quick Support Information on Dashboard