Swami Vivekananda famously said, “If the poor boy cannot come to education, education must go to him.”

Indeed, it is our responsibility, we who are privileged enough, to provide education for all those who are not so privileged. Every human is born the same but they are demarcated on the basis of religion, caste, money, etc., which in turn alters the entire system. As a result some are more privileged and get access to the best of lives, education and facilities while some others, in spite of having that spark in them, are not able to get access to the same due to being less fortunate in terms of money.

Herein, comes the social responsibility of the privileged ones to take care of their not so privileged counterparts. EdScholars aims to bridge this vast gap in the dissemination to quality education, both traditional as well as professional, to the underprivileged strata, who have the spirit but do not have the resources. EdScholars will fund the entire educational, both traditional as well as professional, expenses of the underprivileged to give them a fair chance to make their lives better. After all, it is education alone that can be our biggest weapon against the evils of poverty and other social discriminations. EdScholars scholarships aim to give equal opportunity to all those less fortunate, who if given the chance, can make a difference and thus make this world a better place. EdScholars’ scholarships aim to educate the poor and the underprivileged by opening a sea of opportunities for him.

EdScholars’ Scholarships aims to open the doors to a vast ocean of opportunities to the underprivileged, which will enable them to better life. It would also create a level playing field, where people would be judged based on their merit and sincerity rather than their financial prowess. And in the longer run, it would enable better and quality education for all, enabling social and economic well being of the society and in turn the nation.